2019 USA Curling Nationals
Kalamazoo, MI | February 9-16


2019 USA Curling National Championship draw schedule.


2019 USA Curling National Championship Schedule

Each Draw (game) lasts approx. 2 -3 hours
Tickets are valid for every draw of the day(s) purchased.
Doors open 30 minutes prior to the first draw/event of the day.

View the list of USA Curling National Championship Qualified Athletes here

Draws are listed in order of location (Sheet A to Sheet E)


Saturday, February 9


5pm - Opening Ceremonies
Doors Open at 4:30pm

7pm - Men’s Draw 1
Strouse v. Shuster
Dunnam v. Birklid
Sinnett v. Corbett
Brundidge v. Fenner
Birr v. Ruohonen

Sunday, February 10


8am - Men’s Draw 2
Brundidge v. Ruohonen
Corbett v. Fenner
Birr v. Dunnam
Birklid v. Strouse
Shuster v. Sinnett

12pm - Women’s Draw 1
Traxler v Sinclair
Podoll v Rhyme
Christensen v Dubberstein (Sheet C)
Senneker v Roth (Sheet E)

4pm - Men’s Draw 3
Birklid v. Birr
Sinnett v. Brundidge
Ruohonen v. Fenner
Dunnam v. Shuster
Strouse v. Corbett

8pm - Women’s Draw 2
Christensen v Rhyme
Roth v Sinclair (Sheet C)
Traxler v Senneker
Podoll v Dubberstein

Monday, February 11


9am - Men’s Draw 4
Sinnett v. Fenner
Birr v. Strouse
Birklid v. Shuster
Ruohonen v. Corbett
Dunnam v. Brundidge

2pm - Women’s Draw 3
Senneker v Podoll
Traxler v Dubberstein
Rhyme v Roth (Sheet D)
Christensen v Sinclair

7pm - Men’s Draw 5
Corbett v. Dunnam
Shuster v. Ruohonen
Strouse v. Brundidge
Birr v. Sinnett
Birklid v. Fenner

Tuesday, February 12


9am - Women’s Draw 4
Dubberstein v Roth
Rhyme v Sinclair
Podoll v Traxler
Senneker v Christensen (Sheet D)

2pm - Men’s Draw 6
Ruohonen v. Strouse
Birklid v. Sinnett
Corbett v. Birr
Fenner v. Dunnam
Brundidge v. Shuster

7pm - Women’s Draw 5
Roth v Christensen (Sheet B)
Dubberstein v Senneker
Sinclair v Podoll
Rhyme v Traxler

Wednesday, February 13


9am - Men’s Draw 7
Birr v. Brundidge
Fenner v. Shuster
Dunnam v. Ruohonen
Corbett v. Birklid
Sinnett v. Strouse

2pm - Women’s Draw 6
Podoll v. Christensen
Sinclair v. Senneker
Traxler v. Roth
Dubberstein v. Rhyme (Sheet D)

7pm - Men’s Draw 8
Dunnam v. Sinnett
Brundidge v. Corbett
Fenner v. Strouse
Shuster v. Birr
Ruohonen v. Birklid

Thursday, February 14


11am - Women’s Draw 7
Sinclair v Dubberstein
Christensen v Traxler
Senneker v Rhyme
Roth v Podoll (Sheet E)

4pm - Men’s Draw 9
Shuster v. Corbett
Strouse v. Dunnam
Brundidge v. Birklid
Sinnett v. Ruohonen
Fenner v. Birr

Friday, February 15


1pm - Page playoffs (Men and Women)

7pm - Semifinals (Men and Women)

Saturday, February 16


11am - Women’s Finals

3pm - Men’s Finals

SA = Sheet A, SB = Sheet B, etc.

Schedule is subject to change.